Choose Your Best Marine Air Conditioning System

Create an inside temperature of comfort

Are you sailing while not feeling comfortable? The weather can be stifling when you are on the open sea, and you will not be able to cool down if there is too much humidity. That is where our high-quality marine air conditioning comes to help! Whatever your yacht model is, we have products perfect for you!

Not all air conditioning systems may go well with your boat. When choosing a marine HVAC unit, you need to consider: the air conditioner’s capacity, energy consumption, and noise.

Why Choose RockRuth?

Many world-renowned yachts and sailing manufacturers choose our products for interior use. Our products are engineered to withstand any harsh marine environment. The products we offer are:

Marine Air Conditioning

  • Self-Contained Units – Turbo & Standard

  • Split Systems

  • Chilled Water Systems

  • Split Gas Systems

  • Repairs for Existing Systems

  • Replacement Systems

  • Retrofits

  • Warranty Service

  • Factory Authorized

Marine Refrigeration

  • Refrigerators

  • Ice Makers

  • Repairs for Existing Units

  • Replacement Units

  • Retrofits

  • Warranty Service

  • Factory Authorized

Your marine air conditioning systems provide climate control, keeping you cool in hot summer weather, dry in humidity, and toasty warm during the cruise of the autumn. So don’t hesitate, if you are sailing with your families or friends, contact us to get the comfort you deserve!

Marine HVAC Service Price List Florida

Service Call $100
Tune Up (Per System) $150
Cool-Down Compressor (Reset Internal Bypass) $40
Pressure Switch $125
Pressure Switch Tube $40
Rollout Safety Switch (Per Switch) $80
High Limit Switch (Per Switch) $140
Gas Pressure (Water Column) $80
Flame Sensor $85
Igniter (Nitrate) $170
Igniter (Glow Fly) $90
Vacuum Heat Exchanger $65
Heat Exchanger Cool down & Inspection $40
Smoke Test (Heat Exchanger)$80

Install Compressor Leads $100
Replace in Warranty Compressor installed by RockRuth HVAC (Not including refrigerant) $275
Evaporator Coil Cleaning (In Place) $125
Evaporator Coil Cleaning (Pull & Clean. Not including refrigerant) $190
Outdoor Unit Coil Cleaning $50
Flush water lines w/ Acid $200
Pull and Clean Blower Motor & Assembly $75
Run Capacitor  $140
Condenser Capacitor $90
Solid State Start Assist (Hard Start Booster) $1400
Transformer $125

Contactor $150
Raintite Disconnect $150
Liquid Tite Whip $100
Condensate Pump Replacement $170
Emergency Drain Pan Safety Switch $70
Evaporator Coil Safety Switch $100
Clear PVC Drain Line (With Mighty Pump) $45
1 inch Regular Disposable Filter $25
Spark Igniter – Price per Job
Gas Valve – Price per Job
Inducer Motor – Price per Job

Outdoor Fan Motor – Price per Job
Indoor Blower Motor $365
Dye Test to Locate Refrigerant Leak (2 trips) $150
Defrost System $40
R-22 Per Pound $120
R-22 Per Ounce $10
R-410A Per Pound $60
Programmable Thermostat $125
Thermostat Rewire $80
Warranty Compressor A/C Labor $400
Warranty Compressor H/P Labor $600
Permitting $300
Valve Caps $25
Locking Valve Caps $100